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VR Goggles

Immersive Empathy Training

Virtual Reality Simulation


Learn by Doing

Revolutionary learning

Learn about the range of known and unknown challenges that your clientele experience. Learn by doing, whilst highlighting any unknown bias which may affect your work performance. Using state of the art technology, engage in the lived experience of those that you serve to enhance your awareness, empathy and ability to use best practice whilst at work. 

Supportive Friend

Trauma Informed

Safe Environment

Train your staff in a safe environment. Virtual reality.

Discover Blindspots

Learn areas for improvement for best practice.

Community Input

Trained by experts in the community you serve.

Monitor & Evaluate

Use data and repeated

assessment to ensure effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence Training

Program our AI to feedback and train your staff. 


Immersive Empathy Training is committed to making a positive impact on society, with a specific focus on the well-being and fair treatment of children. Our mission is to provide immersive empathy training to professionals who interact with children, equipping them with the skills and insights needed to understand and address the life challenges faced by young individuals.

Woman in VR Headset
VR Goggles

Training Demo

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Bespoke Training

To ensure authenticity, we consult with you to create a training experience that is accurate to your work scenarios and practices.


The effectiveness of this training relies on realistic, credible experiences.

VR Goggles

Founder Interview


  • Highlight unconscious bias

  • Put the professionals in a realistic scenario

  • Put the user in the mindset of a child

  • Raise awareness of cultural challenges

  • Raise awareness of mental health challenges

  • Raise awareness of key issues that children face

  • Accelerate learning with practice by doing (the learning pyramid)


  • Safer learning (controlled environment)

  • Active learning through experience (doing, interactive - higher retention rates according to study ref.The Learning Pyramid)

  • Flexibility with location of training (save time, money & the environment)

  • Repeatable and controlled exposure to unsafe scenarios (ability to improve learning by repetition)

  • Isolation from distractions (virtual reality headsets offer complete immersion)

  • Performance measurement through data driven insights (eye tracking technology, speaking pace, filler words, listenability etc)

  • Comparisons at key milestones to past performance

immersive empathy training

Why train using
virtual reality?

Virtual reality training is 'practice doing' (learn by doing-kinesthetic) with one of the highest retention rates in

the variety of learning styles.

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human eye close-up

Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking in virtual reality headsets holds the potential to revolutionize the assessment of bias and offer valuable insights to users. By precisely monitoring a user's gaze and eye movements within a VR environment, developers and researchers can gain real-time data on where individuals focus their attention. This technology enables the identification of subtle biases by analyzing visual patterns, revealing subconscious preferences or prejudices.

This innovative technology provides the potential to use data insights to inform areas for training and professional development.

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